Flat feet

We have a 28 year history of treating the foot posture of children.

Foot Orthotics

  • Children from birth to about 3 have a protective fat pad in the arch of their feet. This fleshy pad makes the foot appear flat with no arch. Flat feet are normal in a young child due to weak muscle tone in the foot, a generous padding of fat and loose ankle ligaments that permit the foot to lean inwards.

    As your child masters walking, the ligaments and muscles will strengthen and the fat pads in the arch area will progressively disappear. By around four years of age, your child should have normal arches in both feet.

    Foot orthotics can be used as a treatment for flat feet.
  • Advanced Podiatry has a 28 year history of treating the foot posture of children.
  • Orthotics can be preformed or fully customised, depending on the requirements of the child.
  • Advanced Podiatry has an extensive range of pre-form and customized orthotics.
Can help develop normal arches in your children's feet

Chris Gardner is the Principle Podiatrist at Advanced Podiatry

Chris has been a guest tutor and invited lecturer in orthotic therapy for the 14 years to final year podiatry students at La Trobe University. During that time he has helped teach over 700 podiatrists in our community. He has lectured on biomechanics and orthotic treatment at both Victorian and National Podiatry Conferences and has been an invited speaker at foot orthotic workshops in Japan. He also consults with Footech, an Australian Orthotic manufacturer.

Chris freely shares his knowledge with all Podiatrists and runs in house workshops for not only for Advanced Podiatry but also for other Podiatry clinics around the country.

Some of the common questions for this treatment
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  • What is a foot orthotic?
  • A foot orthotic is a shaped support that is placed inside the shoe. It designed to balance and align both the foot with the ground but also the foot with the leg. When this happens the body is able to heal itself.
  • For what conditions can foot orthotics be used?
  • Foot orthotics can be used for many painful conditions that respond to better foot and leg alignment. There are 2 basic orthotic designs and an Advanced Podiatrist will choose the style you need according to the joint or muscle tissue that is under stress.

    Midfoot orthotics are designed to produce most support throughout the high arch of the foot. These conditions may include heel pain, forefoot pain, bunions, arthritis and stress fractures.

    Rearfoot orthotics are designed to produce most support from the heel to the middle of the high arch of the foot. These conditions may include ankle pain, Achilles tendinosis, tibialis posterior tendinosis, shin splints, knee pain and lower back pain.
  • What is the difference between custom and pre-formed orthotics?
  • Think of a custom made orthotic being the spectacles that an optometrist has assessed, measured and prescribed specifically for your eyes. Each pair of custom made foot orthotics are made from a 3D image of your feet. The specific degree of correction is assessed and built into the orthotic you need individually to reduce the stress to the tissue that is causing your problem. A preformed or customized orthotic has a set shape built into it. It can be modified to a limited degree to best suit your feet.
  • Do I need a custom made orthotic?
  • With an understanding of the injury and the forces causing it, pre-form orthotics can often be used. By carefully selecting from a specialized podiatry pre-form orthotic range, surface shape and angle can be chosen where greater midfoot or rearfoot control is needed.  Advanced Podiatry has an extensive range of pre-form and customized orthotics.

    Advanced Podiatrists are highly skilled in orthotic prescription and design and will provide you with the best orthotic solution.
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